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We believe that people form the core of our client’s businesses, and relationships form the basis of effective systems and networks in organisations.

Our Mission


We believe in helping individuals and organisations to thrive. To thrive means not to be caught up with just managing the day to day tasks, managing the daily operations and roles of a job.
To thrive as an individual means performing at your best, finding purpose, meaning in what you do and reach a better self, a greater height.
To thrive as an organisation means there is a sense of trust, sense of purpose and people working together effectively to bring the best to the company.
Upgrowth Asia would like to partner with you to create a thriving culture within individuals and within your organisation.

Our Services

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Strengths Based Coaching (Clifton Strengths Finder)

People who know and use their Clifton Strengths are more engaged at work, more productive in their roles and are happier and healthier.


Personal Development Coaching

Do you want to enhance the quality of your lives, be a better version of yourself? Sometimes, we may lack clarity of what we want in our lives.


Leadership Coaching

Through our Leadership Coaching, we help you to be a better and thriving leader; focusing on the three aspects: strengths-based, engagement based and performance oriented.


Counselling and Psychotherapy

We all have different seasons in our life. In those challenging seasons, we will benefit from talking to someone to help us work through the challenges, gain perspectives, and move forward.


During the coaching session, I interact with her on a bi-weekly basis. Experience with confidence is the keywords of how I describe Kelly’s coaching skill. As a result, I can expand the size of campaigns. Now I can willingly face conflict with different level of business conversation or handle tough conversation from various sales or operation teams regardless of organizations”
"Kelly has been instrumental in helping me find balance between work and private life. By asking the right questions, she made me realize the problem and then she provided practical tools to change. Anyone that wants to improve their life by making minor, practical changes should be talking to Kelly!"
Associate Manager
"I feel Wei wei is a very well-rounded professional counsellor and coach. She has helped me with various topics. Whatever issues I am facing, and no matter how messy it is, she can always untangle and help me see it through. With her kind guidance, I have a clearer picture about the problem and know how to change it towards better. I’m so grateful for it."

“The only journey is the journey within.” 

Rainer Maria Rilke

You Can Thrive!

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